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Mysore practice 24/2/19

I arrived around 7:50 and there were already 3 people waiting outside. The room was cold so I took more time to breathe before starting the practice. Today Anne taught me how to raise my hands in surya namaskar. I guess I put too much stress around my shoulders. So she told me to scoop my shoulders. I should remember this..!! Today I did utthita hasta padangusthasana alone. It was okay. I had enough control. After supta kurmasana, Anne showed me and the lady next to me how to jump back from bakasana. After 2-3 times of trial, I could finally jump back without landing on my knees. Yay! Today's practice felt relatively light and energetic. In urdhva dhanurasana, I felt so light... it even felt unnatural. In drop back, Anne helped me again. Once she let her support little loose and I was falling too fast (hehe;;). Luckily I didn't fall on my head. In sirsasana I felt again light but after about 10-12 breath I felt around my neck so did urdhva dandasana for 2 breaths and came down. It was a really nice practice. Once I don't have busy teaching schedule, I will try to practice Mysore at least 4 times a week. It's a promise to myself till I get onto my fertility treatment again. <3

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 24/2/19(Sun) from 08:00 to 09:35

Teacher: Anne


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