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Mysore practice 21/2/19

I arrived at the shala very early today. I took 64+metro instead of 29 and it took me only 20 min.... 20 min!!! I rang the bell but no answer. I was afraid I was too early to disturb Lynne. So I waited about 5 min to ring again. The door opened immediately. I was first (like many times). After the surya namaskar A and B I realised I forgot something at home. I was worried and couldn't continue my practice like this. So I went out to check and send message to my husband. I came back to the room. One more surya B and continued standing sequence. When I was on marichyasana, I realised I forgot ardha baddha padmottanasana!!!! Ah ha.. I was too disturbed. Dalia helped me in utthita hasta padangusthasana and supta kurmasana. Holding my hands in supta felt easier than before. After this we chanted. I can now tell my garbha pindasana has become much better/comfortable. I am not afraid of rolling anymore. Before drop back, I looked back to see Monica and Lynne. I smiled really wide and waited for Lynne to help me. I was thinking myself.... I must do this myself soon. I will ask Wendy to help me one day. It was a great practice though I felt heavy and tired in the beginning.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 21/2/19(Thu) from 06:25 to 08:05

Teacher: Lynne


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