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Mysore practice 2/4/19

Today I missed my usual bus and arrived at shala around 6:45am. I was third to arrive. I put my mat on the first row and took a very brief moment to breathe. Today Lynne helped me engage my bandhas in chaturanga dandasana. It was another world! I put more attention in my uddiyana bandha and tucked my tailbone. I’ve never done chaturanga this way and I was sweating more than usual. In the beginning, it was also a bit difficult to breathe. Instead of exhaling, I was holding my breath few times. I really have to make a habit of this because towards the end, I forgot to tuck my tailbone under. In utthita trikonasana B, Lynne again opened my chest/shoulders. I should also remember this. In utthita hasta padangusthasana, I was wobblier than usual... In supta padangusthasana Anne helped me and I realised it was becoming easier. I just wish one day I hold my hands by myself.. Transition and jump back was not so nice so I had to make bakasana and jump. Other asanas were good as usual. In setu bandhasana, I felt more than usual tension on my neck. So I released at about 4-5 breath. And in pashasana.. I don’t understand how people do this... my weight was too much on the back and I felt like falling back on my buttocks. Also it’s difficult to bind............... I have to find my own technique by studying at home. Other asanas were okay. And today.. for the first time I felt I could do dropback on my own... I really took time when I went down and had lots of attention on the legs. My focus was more on the legs than the arms that were falling to touch the mat. I think I should keep it this way. When I focused more on the legs, falling arms naturally become more stable. Oh well... let’s see about this next time. I stayed about 20 breaths in sirsasana and 10 in urdhva dandasana. I felt my chest is opening in urdhva dandasana. Interesting. I could’ve taken longer savasana but was afraid that I would be late to work. It was another nice practice. I am happy that I can practice.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 2/4/19(Tue) from 06:45 to 8:25

Teacher: Anne, Lynne


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