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Mysore practice 17/10/19

I ate too much last night. I knew it would affect my practice. I arrived at the shala before 6:50am and directly started the practice. The room didn’t feel warm enough and my legs were a bit tight. As my cotton mat was still wet I couldn’t bring it to the shala and this made my practice a bit different from usual. Standing was fine but I was not stable in utthita hasta padangusthasana. Anne came to save me… Even with her help, I didn’t feel I was almost on my own strength/balance. In the seated, jumping back became a bit hard and few times I just walked back. I don’t know what I was thinking in triang mukha ikapada paschimattanasana. I folded the left one first but luckily I realised it soon. Anne noticed this and I told her I mixed up. Thanks to my mistake I got her hands hehe. In the seated sequence, I tried to have the same length of inhale and exhale. I read from a Korean teacher’s blog that Sharathji has stressed on the importance of having the same length of breath rather than keeping ujjayi breathing. So in my teaching classes this week, I’ve been telling people about this all the time. I think this will be my project for a while. Despite my full belly, practice was okay and not bad. I could hold my wrists in marichyasna ABC but D only one side. Twisting poses are still hard… I really really really have to make changes in my diet… ha… Navasana was good. I was a bit enjoying it actually. But bujapidasana was really not good. I can only describe it with one word ‘bad’. Here I blamed my full belly. Supta kurmasana felt fantastic as usual but transition not so good….. Oh well, there should be no attachment to asanas. Just feel, experience and enjoy!! I felt good in baddhakonasana A so I stayed a bit longer. All the rolling up was great! I rolled up with straight legs at first attempt in all three asanas. Setu bandhasana felt better than yesterday. I was trying to keep my heels to touch each other. And… back bend. I was feeling my lower back, to be specific: feeling pain. So it was not so great feeling. I did three dropbacks. First one came up to a very weird and not so stable pose. Second one, I just surrendered my body to the ground (so no come up). Third one was surprisingly stable. Anne encouraged me said ‘good, Gayoung’ when I dropped down. I think this is what motivated me to come up stable. Before half rolls I told Anne that I have pain in the lower back and she told me to open chest more and really engage mula bandha. I was engaging everything down there around my pelvis and upper legs. Half roll felt good. Shoulder stand sequence was done in a bit hurried manner. But I took time and stayed calm in my inversion. I took a very slow 30 breaths in sirsasana and 20 in half bend. I felt so light and lifted. Utplitih was like 12-14 breaths.. I don’t remember exactly;; I took a very short 3 min savasana and left the room. It was a nice practice but it reminded me to eat not too much at night before the practice.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 17/10/19(Thu) from 06:50 to 08:25

Teacher: Anne


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