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Mysore practice 15/7/19

I talked to Wendy and we decided to go to Mysore practice in Yoga Room together. When I arrived, I was the first one and the door was closed. And another lady came and she looked similar. Yes indeed she was the teacher at Yoga Sisters haha! Anyways Wendy also came so three of us started practice in the back row. It was very nice to practice together with Wendy again. I could feel we have almost same breath. I really wish we could practice Mysore together every day... Anyways I got the first hands on in uttana padangusthasana or padahastasana. And his magic hands in supta kurmasana. I really want to learn how he does it! After that... the practice was just amazing. The room was busy so I didn't get much hands on from Nick. Even in pashasana!! But I did hold my fingers together both sides, with heels off the mat;;; haha Nonetheless I felt good because I rarely hold my fingers on the left side. Before drop back I told Nick I could do drop back alone but come up needs help. OMG... this time my back felt so flexible. I didn't feel any pain, and the floor seems so close. I did 3 drop backs alone and come up with Nick's help. It was really great! I mean.. at least i felt so good! I stayed in sirsasana for 30 breathes and about 12 in half bend. Utplitih was a long 10 breaths. I was happy with the practice. It was also quite refreshing practicing next to Wendy :-)

At Yoga Room Defacqz on 15/7/19(Mon) from 06:50 to 08:15

Teacher: Nick


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