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Mysore practice 14/2/19

I had such a energising and happy practice today. Since I had a very hectic and tiring week/weekend, I couldn't make it to the morning Mysore practice for a week. For a week!!!!! So yesterday I made a promise to myself to go on Thursday and Friday mornings. I cancelled my own teaching class on Friday morning to attend Anne's LED class. Last night, I went to bed real early. When I lied down on the bed, I immediately fell asleep. I remember my husband complaining about not spending time together. 'Sorry love, I really need to practice tomorrow morning and a good night's sleep is needed!' was what I was thinking before falling asleep. In the morning I speeded up my preparation as I had to hang out the laundry... After everything was done, I checked the app and my bus was coming in 3 min. I rushed out, ran and got into the bus. I see the usual people on the 6:04am bus. I got to the shala and placed my mat around 6:35am. My body felt so light. See, this is the result of a good's night sleep. I was so energised throughout the practice. Lynned helped me in parivrtta trikonasana to make space more in the side. It was a totally different experience. I should memorise this when I practice and teach. She also helped me in utthita hasta padangusthasana. I don't know why I feel less stable at the shala. When I teach or practice on my own, I feel very stable... It is weird. She also helped me in janu sirsasana A to go deeper. In supta kurmasana, I lost my cross on the ankle when came up but I made titibasana a bit higher than usual. But jump back is still very difficult. I need to engage my bandhas more and brings hips up + more energy on my arms. Up till the urdhva dhanurasana, I felt so light and energised. With Lynne's help (I begged a bit for her help, haha), I did drop back and come up. I really need to engage legs hard and arch the lower back deeper by myself. By myself!! With Lynne's and Anne's help... I feel so much comfortable. So I have to work on getting rid of this fear... of dropping down alone. I took about 16-17 breath in sirsasana but failed in urdhva dandasana. It's okay it was a very nice practice. I bowed to Lynne and smiled wide. It was a nourishing moment.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 14/2/19(Thu) from 06:35 to 08:05

Teacher: Lynne


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