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Mysore practice 12/3/20

I woke up 20 min after the alarm. When I got to the shala, there were already many people. Today's practice was similar to Tuesday. I took enough time in surya namaskar. Though every day I feel my body is getting heavier. I should really watch out on what I eat... Asana wise.. there was nothing special. It's just hard to jump back these days. It's not really my belly but the legs that feel so heavy.... :-( It also became a tiny bit harder to grab the wrist in marichyasana C and D as well.. Navasana is getting stronger though. It was nice to have Anne's hands on supta kurmasana. My pasasana feels it's getting worse but let's see.. how it goes once I lose some belly and legs fat >_< Back bend was okay. It didn't happen as smoothly as Tuesday but it was okay. I think I walked quite a bit near my feet.. :-) Sirsasana felt super strong and I stayed very calmly there for 30 and 20 breaths each. It was a very nice practice...!

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 12/3/20 (Thu) from 07:10 to 08:50

Teacher: Anne


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