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Mysore practice 12/3/19

I had a self-practice on Sunday with the people from TTC. Though I forgot to write down about that practice. So.. last Sunday, I was taking it easy as I had a nice meal with wine on Saturday night. Skipping Sunday morning practice made me feel a bit guilty but my body was more relaxed. Instead of yoga, I spent more time cooking. Today the bus 64 came a bit late and I arrived at shala just before 6:40am. There was a lady who usually practice next to me in the changing room. Lynne also seemed to have arrived later than usual and she said her tram/bus was late/cancelled. I placed my mat on the first row right corner. In surya namaskar A I felt very tired and not focused at all. It was weird feeling. And from B I was getting warm and became more focused. In prasaritta padottanasana I tried to turn my hands out but it was very difficult. Anne came and helped me and also told me to do it later. These days I do navasana without extra blanket. I used to fold my mat and did it there but nowadays I just do it. I still feel around my tailbone but it just takes some extra time to fold and unfold my mat. Once I feel huge pain again, I will fold the mat again and do it there. Today's supta kurmasana was good! With Anne's help, I didn't feel weird around my shoulders and hands. My grip was strong and I could stay relatively comfortable. Anne stayed and helped me make titibasana, bakasana and jump back. Ahhhhhh from titibasana I really have to push my hips up up up! I really need to practice this.. Today's practice was about reflection. Reflecting what I need to improve soon. I mean.. having a timeframe is not good for my mental health but I think it's about time. I got inspired by Wendy's practice especially those jump back and through. So I will work on that + jump back from supta kurmasana and bujapidasana. And of course... drop back and come up!!! Anne helped me again today and I didn't feel I've improved. hmmmmmm In urdhva dandasana I stayed for 8 breaths today. I felt so good after the practice. I should really keep it at least 3-4 times a week.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 12/3/19(Tue) from 06:40 to 08:15

Teacher: Anne, Lynne


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