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Mysore practice 11/7/19

I don’t know why but it’s so difficult to wake up these days. Maybe it’s related to my busy teaching schedule. But today I made a promise to myself and also with Monica that I would go to Lynne’s class. I was again first to arrive and Lynne joked it’s good that she was early. We talked a bit. I really love talking to Lynne. It feels so good and fun. I placed my mat on my usual spot and started almost directly. When I raised my arms for the first surya namasakar I could already feel that the practice would be light and pleasant. I touched my knees from the first one. Lynne gave me hands on trikonasana and said I was good. This time I couldn’t get hands in prasaritta padottanasana C because all the teachers were outside the room!! Anyways I got help in utthita hasta padangusthasana from Adriana. I can now proudly say I am quite stable in this pose. I am happy. In the seated sequence and all the vinyasas felt a bit hard..... and I thought this might be due to my two day off from the practice :-( My upper arms felt not as strong as usual. I held my wrists in marichyasana B. Now I will work on holding wrists in D as well. Supta kurmasana was done with Adriana’s help. It was so good. Once I am in that position, I can stay there forever. Setu bandhasana was good and pashasana was done with Lynne’s help. She said it’s not so good (lol) and I said the other side is even worse. But with her hands to open my shoulders felt amazing. I came quite high in shalabasana. Back bend felt.. actually okay! I am healing and I also felt this pain/injury is indeed taking my practice into the next level. Feeling different sensations and having learnt my limitations definitely helps deepen my practice. I brought a pile of yoga mat to do drop back. It was successful. But come up was not. Lynne came to help me come up. We also did half roll and drop back. It felt super good. With my teachers’ help, I am not afraid. I will put a lot of attention to my thighs and pelvic front. Lynne gave me a good push in paschimottanasana afterwards. I felt a bit unstable in sirsasana so I stayed like slight less than 30 breaths I think. I did 12 breathes in half bend. Utplitih felt hard today so I stayed 10 (short) breaths. At the same time I was already afraid of Sharath’s loooooooong utplitih... haha :-) So excited and a bit nervous about the Copenhagen workshop. So... another great great great practice thanks to my teachers and people who share the space and practice!

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 11/7/19(Thu) from 06:40 to 08:15

Teacher: Lynne, Adriana


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