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Mysore practice 1/7/19

I arrived at the shala quite early and could catch Lynne entering. We talked about the Sharath's workshop and also about family. I really love having small chats with my teachers :-) I began my practice at 6:40. First surya namaskar was tough because I could really feel my lower back and both wrists....!!! Grrrr but the room was warm so I could touch my knees with my head already. Lynne gave me some hands ons till utthita hasta padnagusthasana. Anne came and she pushed me in paschimottanasana. Anne gave me some interesting hands on or finger on :-) Also very good guide in transition from supta kurmasana to jump back. I felt at one point flying! My garbha pindasana rolling was better today. All rolling up was good. Anne pushed in the middle of my back in upa vistha konasana. My landing from supta konasana was beautiful (yes, I can say it hehe). Today I could roll my neck without much fear in setu bandhasana. I've been having problems also with my neck and was always being careful. Today Anne gave me verbal adjustment so I followed and it felt really okay. My neck healed much faster than my back.. Anne helped me in pashasana. I could hold my fingers when I do right side binding but left one was tricky. I just loved shalabhasana because this back bend didn't give me any pain. Weird but good. I still felt annoying pain in my lower back so my urdhva dhanurasana was not so good. But Anne told me to do drop back alone..! And she brought a pile of yoga mats and put on my mat. Okay.. I've seen someone doing this so I can do it too. And now the surface/ground is higher so should be easier! First try, I landed on my head. Second and third tries were okay as I landed on my hands and my head was still up. It felt actually quite good. I tried to hang and put a lot of attention on upper legs and pelvis area. When I dropped with arms straight, I didn't think anything and I didn't fear as I had this pile of mats. This is a lot of cushion! I could feel the lower back but it was okay okay. Come up was tricky so Anne helped me. I was glad she kinda pushed me to do it alone. She gave me a good push after that and I did very jolly closing sequence. I stayed 30 breaths in sirsasana and 15 in half bend. Utplitih I attempted for 12 but came down after 11.... haha :-) I took a 7-min savasana and it almost felt like a small nap. Before I left I wished Anne a good trip and she did same for my Copenhagen trip. Another great practice thanks to my great teachers!!!

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 1/7/19(Mon) from 06:40 to 08:13

Teacher: Lynne, Anne


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