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LED Full-Primary practice 31/5/19

It was a day-off so I decided to go to LED class. There were less people than usual. I guess it's because of long weekend. It was a very nice class with Anne's tips. She said it's our lucky day :-) I've noticed again that I sweat waaaaaaaay more in LED classes.. OMG! If the class is early like 6:30.. I would go every Friday to practice. But... starting at 7:00 and finishing around 8:30-40 is very risky for my work :-( During this weekend, I really wished I don't need to go to my work. I should set up my own business, make other people work for me and make money like that... The full-time job I have does not give me any self respect nor self esteem. So bad. Anyways.... my supta kurmasana was not as easy as before. This time I couldn't even touch my fingers. I think I went too quickly to make my kurmasana without having my shoulders properly located... Anne came to help but I quickly lost my grab... grrrrrr. I felt good in urdhva dhanurasana.... now I think again, in whole closing sequence. I stayed calmly with Anne's count in sirsasana and half bend as well as in utplitih. I was happy with myself and took a relatively long savasana. I thanked Anne and talked about my treatment which is starting next week. Lynne gave me lots of tips. I am really happy that I have teachers who care for me and give me so many tips! Another grateful practice. (+ I really have to memorise closing mantra......)

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 31/5/19(Fri) from 07:05 to 08:40

Teacher: Anne


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