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LED Full-Primary 21/7/19

I left home earlier than usual like 5:50am. I was awake already and didn't want to waste time. When I arrived at the stadium the usual crowd was in the queue. When we got in, I place my mat again in the first row. This time I had two people next to me who already practiced next to me before, Gabi and Pinelopi. I felt I am too boring to place my mat always toward the left side of the room but... this happens naturally. Today I sat in the mat with my eyes closed longer than usual. And the practice began with his 'samasthitih'. I felt everything was same as those past 4 days. Though I didn't lose my grip in utthita hasta padangusthasana today. So far 3 days were okay and 2 days so so. My legs were also less shaky in ardha baddha padmottanasana. It is really weird I had this.. this never happened in Brussels or any other practices.. hmmmmm....!! All seated asanas were good. Though I thought it's now time I should hold my wrist in all marichyasanas. Navasana was painful. I did worse than yesterday. I held straightish legs till 3rd.. and from 4th onwards it was bad. Just bad!!!!! Sharathji was again in front of me but I couldn't hold my legs straight. Well I tried my best. Supta kurmasana was same as before, holding my fingers tight but legs uncrossed. Everything went quickly as I focused a lot on breath. Setu bandhasana was okay too. All the chakrasanas were fine too :-) Today's count in sirsasana felt longer than before. I saw many people coming down before 15th count. Half bend was okay. I felt as strong as before. In today's yoga mudra I put a lot of attention to my right hip to sink down. My right hip always tends to come off the mat so I tried to push more. Utplitih... was okay. I think I did it wrong by putting my feet behind my arms. they should be front. Okay tomorrow, I do it right. After the primary, we had a group photo. With Gabi, I quickly walked to the stairs and placed my self more or less to the centre in the second or third row. Sharathji sat on a chair in the ground. We made lots of photos and Sharathji asked the photographer to take a video with his phone. It was fun. And we were allowed to stay and watch the second series........... OMG... I was so overwhelmed. It looked so intense. It was my first time seeing the second series in real and I was shocked and a bit scared;;; haha. I thought, one day with steady practice, I will be there too. It will take many years I know. I will just keep my practice sincere and steady. It was a very good day.

At Ashtanga Yoga Copenhagen (DGI-byen) on 21/7/19(Sun) from 07:00 to 08:30

Teacher: Sharathji


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