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LED Full-Primary 20/7/19

I left home again at 5:55am. Today the entrance was different. Anyways I felt less tired as I took a long nap yesterday. Thought I woke up with the alarm this time. I think now I am used to this routine. My stomach felt okay. I really didn't eat much yesterday so it was good. I felt a bit hungry but let's just endure 2-3 hours! Today I talked to a lady who is always in front of me in the waiting queue. She is from Finland and we talked about how there are many ashtanga practitioners there. It was a nice short chat. When the door opened, I placed my mat again in the front row. It is okay. Pinelopi placed her mat 1 mat further from me. Before I sat I talked to Giuseppe. It's nice to have someone from the shala where you practice. This time, I took out my engagement ring and put it in the bag. We sat in silence waiting for 'samasthitih' :-) Today I felt light. It must've been my empty stomach. I was sweating a lot from the beginning. Today I felt I twisted more in parsvakonasana B. Again in the right side utthita hasta padangusthasana, I missed my grip at the 4th count in open leg.. GRRRRR!! I quickly re-grabbed and finished with grace.. haha. Left side was fine thanks to my strong right standing leg. My legs were a bit shaky but not so much in ardha baddha padmottanasana. Seated was good. But in bhujapidasana my place my legs little bit low so it was tricky to do the transition. Kurmasana and supta kurmasana were same as 3 other days. I felt my supta konasana and rolling got very stable. Chakrasanas were fine. Though I still need to learn and practice how to roll up with feet in my hands in urdhva mukha paschimottanasana. My setu bandhasna felt very straight and I felt in the neck too....... Sarvangasna and the rest was as fine. Somehow I just love sirsasana and half bend. I felt like I can stay there for 1 hour. Utplitih felt..... somehow....... very strong. Again, I felt like I can stay for 20 breaths. haha Sharathji's count is super slow... especially between 1 and 2.......! But I didn't feel any stress in my arms and shoulders so it was a pleasant utplitih today! After like 30 seconds of savasana, Sharathji said 'go home and take rest' so we slowly woke up and made space for intermediate practitioners. I talked to Pinelopi and Nick and left the stadium. Today I thought a lot about my teachers. So my gratitude to my wonderful teachers!

At Ashtanga Yoga Copenhagen (DGI-byen) on 20/7/19(Sat) from 07:00 to 08:30

Teacher: Sharathji


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