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LED Full-Primary 18/7/19

Yesterday I walked a lot and slept quite late. So I thought I would sleep quite tight and wound't wake up. Oh well.. Somehow I woke up again around 4am but luckily I fell asleep easily. I woke up with my alarm at 5:40am and prepared quickly. I left home at 5:55am, same as yesterday. The road was quieter as there were no drunk people. I arrived and the same faces were there. Those early birds :-) I talked to people from Ghent and when the door opened I aimed again for the second row. Today I placed my mat more towards centre. But I was still next to the same lady. I briefly talked to her and her friend and they were coming from Greece. Patrick was 1 mat away from me in the same place as yesterday :-) I felt a bit cold so I was waiting in the audience seat with my sweater on. When Sharathji arrived I took of my sweater off and went to my mat. I sat in sukhasana and was breathing with closed eyes. The room became very quiet again and we all stood up with his 'samasthitih'. Today was a bit weird. I think I was a bit tired and I wasn't sweating much in the beginning. I only started to sweat from ardha baddha padma paschimottanasana!! This was very unlikely of me.. but yes... things that can't be explained happen. Once I started to sweat.. it was my normal amount of sweat throughout the practice. I tried to hold my wrist both side in marichyasana series. I was almost there in C and D. Navasana was hard. Today I folded my towel so my tailbone/sacrum area felt less painful. I could have more or less straightish legs till the 4th one but 5th one was hard!! In this practice again, I tried to make my transition swift and did all the chakrasana without pause. In supta kurmasana, I could grab my fingers but again... my ankles were not crossed. It's okay, it will come with practice. In rolling up in supta konasana, ubbhaya padangusthasana and urdhva mucka paschimottanasana, I succeeded at one go and I didn't hit anyone ;-) Setu bandhasana was okay. My neck is totally fine now. Urdhva dhanurasana was good too. I felt Sharathji's counting was slower today than yesterday. Nonetheless I am okay with longer counting. Shoulder stand and the closing sequence felt so light and quick. Sirsasana was good. I felt so stable and strong again. Half bend was also good. I felt more stable and stronger!! After padmasana we did the nadi shodhana pranayama again. Sharathji explained how we should fold the index and middle finger and made some jokes :-) And.. Utplitih. Oh well today he said so many times 'lift up' in between counts. It was a super long utplitih. But I survived without touching the mat. Another magical moment. When we were in savasana, he didn't say immediately 'see you tomorrow'. When he finally said it, I just lift myself up had hands together in my heart centre and bowed to him. After he left I talked with the ladies from Greece. Even in this short moment Marie told me many things about the practice. It was also interesting to learn that she know my teachers :-) By the way I had a small incident today.. so I took out my engagement ring and put under the towel before sirsasana as it hurt my fingers. When I left the stadium and was walking home, I realised I was not wearing my ring! OMG I was so shocked and panicked! There were two ladies who were also coming out from the practice and they asked me what happened. I explained and on the street I just opened my yoga bag and unrolled my yoga mat. OMG.... luckily my ring was there!! I didn't want to run back to the stadium and look for my poor ring on the ground! The ladies laughed with me..... but I was still in shock. Grrrr. Tomorrow, I take it off before I go! But nonetheless, another great practice <3

At Ashtanga Yoga Copenhagen (DGI-byen) on 18/7/19(Thu) from 07:00 to 08:30

Teacher: Sharathji


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