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LED Full-Primary 17/7/19

17th of July has been always my favourite day, along with 18th July, 17th & 18th August. So today I practiced LED full-primary guided by Sharath Jois. It was my first time taught by him yet it felt so familiar. I guess I am just used to his voice and my practice is already trained for his teaching. I woke up so early like 3:50am and couldn't sleep. I think I was excited... So I tried to sleep some more in the bed and left home(airbnb) around 5:55am. It was already very bright and there were some drunk people on the street. It took me 12 min walk to the stadium. There were already some people. At some point people queued and I was in the beginning. When the door opened, I targeted the second row and place my mat to the left side of the room near the windows. For a moment I thought... was I too brave to put my mat this front?? But no, my doubt vanished quickly because I've been practicing full primary with dedication and I was not afraid of making mistakes. Such strong self-trust had I :-) The room became super quiet when Sharathji sat and we were still waiting for some people to find their places. When everybody was there, he started with 'samasthitih'. All of us was seated and with his first word we stood. It was good. The room was not really warm but my body became warm enough. I noticed later a person practicing next to me is the one who's running a Mysore shala in Paris. I've been to his class and I thought of talking to him after the practice. Anyways... I was told by a person from our shala that Sharathji's counting can be slow. So I was mentally prepared. His counting was good for me. It was same as Anne's counting. All the standing was good, and I felt my hands were almost touching the ground in the prasaritta padottanasana C. The energy was really different.. somehow. I was a bit afraid of my wobbly utthita hasta padangusthasana but it was okay. I've been feeling this has become more stable and it showed during this practice as well. But one weird thing I felt during the practice was my very shaky standing leg is ardha baddha padmottanasana. OMG... I always have quite okay and stable standing leg but today..... it was so shaky. I still touched the leg with my forehead but.. why shaky leg?????? Both sides were shaky. I tried to breathe slower and at one point it was not shaking... So... this one I have to find out why! Anyways.. seated was smooth as always. Though navasana counting was long. My legs and bandhas felt weak. At the 5th navasana my legs were really bent and Sharathji used a sign to have legs straight and higher. Argh! In supta kurmasana, I could firmly grab my fingers but I didn't try crossing my ankles because I was afraid of losing the grip. It was okay. I did all the transitions without pausing. I tried to make a very quick transition in every posture... When I rolled up in supta konasana, my leg touched - if not pushed - the person left to me. I felt a bit sorry but it was a brief moment and...... at least we both didn't lose the control..... After the practice I told him sorry and talked a bit about how I went to his Mysore shala when I was in Paris :-) Anyways my roll up in ubbhaya padnagusthasana was not good because I succeeded at 2nd try... grrr but I was not frustrated. This happens. In urdhva mukha paschimottanasana, Sharathji came and changed my hand grip to the side of the feet. He also touched my toes to make them more pointy. I was happy I got his hands on :-) Throughout the practice, I did all the chakrasana with one / one and a half breath (haha). I was happy with this. I stayed still and strong in sirsasana and half bend. I loved that feeling of control. Controlling both mind and body. After padmasana we did nadi shodana. I liked this pranayama. And........ the scary utplitih......... I was mentally preparing this moment from the beginning (haha). His counting became suddenly very very very slow.....! But, I stayed up till the end of count 10. I did it!! I felt as if there was some spell in this practice. When we came to savasana, Sharathji said 'see you tomorrow'. I took a very brief savasana (because many people were already moving and it was difficult to stay still) and talked to Patrick (I forgot his name and asked again) who was on my left side. It was a familiar practice of course but very special at the same time :-) It is all thanks to my teachers' guidance and support who brought me here.

At Ashtanga Yoga Copenhagen (DGI-byen) on 17/7/19(Wed) from 07:00 to 08:30

Teacher: Sharathji


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