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Lazy day

5 January 2020 Sunday

It was a really lazy, resting day. I woke up around 8:20is and did laundry. After slowly got ready we went to Anna's place to try her swimsuits. Her place was quite nice and looked more modern than our place. And we had brunch at Santosha around noon. I had lemon rice and it was quite nice. I don't know why but I am just craving for rice all the time... After food, Olivia and I went to Silver Nest and we got toe rings. I got a pair of gold plated earrings too :-) It's so convenient that many shops here accept credit card. I am using N26 and they don't charge any transaction fee. They will apply the current exchange rate and just deduct that amount without adding any fees. The notification is immediate when you use the card, so I am really enjoying using this card. When my husband goes to London, I will make him get one as well. And we got a rickshaw to go to the Silent Shore Resort & Spa to enjoy the swimming pool. We got there but there was no sun bed left. Olivia and I just sat on a chair and that was it. I didn't dip into water and I was just happy to be half naked (sound weird but true), enjoying the sun and occasional breeze. We talked, read and talked. I fell asleep at one point and it was such a sweet nap. Around 5ish we left the resort to have dinner. One girl was waiting for rickshaw alone so we shared together. On the way was 105 and the way back 91 rupees. Not bad. When we arrived at Depth N Green, we saw Monica and Marvin (+Shandi) who were visiting teachers at Yoga Room. Wow....!! It was so nice to see them here!! We talked a bit and ordered pizza and vegan omelette. I ate like a pig and I was very proud of myself. I think I really do eat a lot. Olivia and I sat there and talked a bit and walked back to our place. It was truly a rest day that I enjoyed so much.

Cows, dogs, birds feeding on garbage... It feels almost like an urban(?!) safari

Olivia named this street 'dog street'

Silent Shores Resort & Spa (entrance is 540 rupees, towel and sun bed usage)

New toe rings and my reading on Schopenhauer

Nom nom nom pizza!

Such a sweet heart <3


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