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Home practice & blah blah blah

I feel bad about skipping my practice journal.. I've been practising almost every day but didn't really keep the journal. I don't know why.. All I have time and it just didn't happen. (Oh well, actually I am reading a lot. From European history to Hindu philosophy... while sunbathing ;-)) With this COVID19 situation which led to involuntarily forced(sorry for the choice of word) home practice, my practice became little bit too relaxed. Yes. I have a very relaxed practice. I don't really start early in the morning. I usually start between 9:30 and 10:30 and sometimes I just take out some poses. With this confinement I am feeding myself too well and I gained 3kg after I came back from India. I think I tried to catch up my wine quota that I missed in January (bad Gayoung so bad!!). One day I felt extremely uncomfortable in my marichyasana D. I was afraid I would lose grabbing my wrist. And this was it.. I am on a diet now. My belly and thighs also felt too heavy and they affected my vinyasas. Bad habits come so easily and now I am building healthy habits. Only after 3 days since I committed myself to healthier diet (meaning no alcohol and dairy at all + no food after 6pm), I could feel the difference. My body is still +3kg pre-Jan but feel lighter when I practise. Twisting poses are still not really satisfactory but it's okay. I miss practising in the shala with Anne and Lynne's help and encouragement. I also miss teaching and the community so much. I am a bit skeptical about the situation getting better any time soon so I don't know whether I will be ever able to go back to teaching in Brussels. Though there are a few good thing about this confinement and home practice: I can be really flexible with time; I can record my own practice and look; and I am building a bit more discipline every day. After talking to Olivia, I chose a project on back bending.. I am always afraid of hurting my back and also a bit traumatised from Mysore................... So I thought this can be my asana project during this time. And with a yoga wheel that I bought 4-5 years ago (in which I didn't really used it.. haha), I am practising every day. I just use it to stretch/roll my back and do some wheels but I am quite liking it. I have so many tools that I can finally use at home.. So let's not whinge about home practice and make the most out it!!

I usually practise downstairs in my 'yoga room' and come upstairs to do backbend and closing. What a luxury I have!


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