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Home practice 16~19/03/20

After the Belgian government's announcement to close all the public activities, my teaching classes got cancelled so did mysore practice and the hospital visits... I was furious especially about the hospital visits as I've been working on it for months. But what can I do.. life is difficult to predict and I just have to accept it. I got here on the 14th evening and had a free day on Sunday. I got back onto the mat on the 16th. It was hard. I think from Tuesday, the AYB community set up a system where we can talk about our practice. The group is more like sharing 'I start, I finished...' kind of statements and it was already hugely effective. Everyday I stood on the mat at different times. I didn't really write all the single practice journals as half of them were short version with lazy movements (haha). Today I decided to record(in time lapse) my practice like the first day.. This felt like my teachers. Hahahah! A bit of pressure to 'not' become lazy during the practice! Home practice is different and difficult. It is difficult because it is harder to concentrate and you need more discipline. Though one good thing about home practice is that you can practice any time of the day. Up till now, I started my practice past 7:30am. Today I began around 10:30am after some grocery shopping! When you practice alone... you can't stop thinking about all the unnecessary stuff,.. I was thinking about toilet papers (hahahah), my train ticket (I have two return tickets in April.. grrrr), and my weight (I gained 3 kgs since I got back from India!!!!!!!) A lot of thoughts in my head, and not so much sweat in my body. It is also difficult to sweat more than usual at home.. Shala is always warm and there are more people thus more heat... Here.. I am alone sometimes distracted by ambulance sounds and the great view I have. I miss other people's breathing sound! <---- Yes!! This was my biggest thought of the day today!!! It might sound a bit pervert (oops!) but I really miss other people's breathing sound.... This makes me feel that I am surrounded by & belong to people who love what I love. So I also felt enormous respect for the people who practice alone. Really!!!

At London Home

Teacher: Myself


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