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Half primary 26/12/18

So this was the practice after the 9-day break. It was okay. I warned Wendy beforehand that I would do a very 'lousy' practice. I didn't want to jump back and engage my bandhas. Through this practice I once more realised how important it is to engage bandhas during practice. Depending on whether you engage bandhas and ujjayi breathing, it makes the practice totally different thing...! As I didn't engage, I couldn't make asanas before. I also didn't want to twist or sweat too much so after utkatasana(chair pose), I took a long balasana(child pose). I also stayed longer on my mat after savasna+closing comment. It was good to move my body and practice even though I didn't 'fully' participate in a normal way.

And on the same evening, I gave a healing flow class followed by a cupping therapy. :-)

At Brussels Yoga Loft on 26/12/18(Wed) from 07:00 to 08:00

Teacher: Wendy


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