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Half and Full primary! 12/12/18

Wow it was a busy day. I went to Wendy's half-primary class at 7:00, taught a healing flow at 18:30 and practiced the full primary at 19:45!!

For Wendy's class, I couldn't focus well and felt already I was doing sloppy yoga. I blamed my blocked nose but I think I wasn't awake enough. Wendy did some amazing things in balasana and baddha konasana. We tried drop back and come up but I was just not ready. Hah I was so ashamed of myself!! :-(

At Brussels Yoga Loft on 12/12/18(Wed) from 07:00 to 08:00

Teacher: Wendy

And I went to the Loft again to teach. I had one student. We did a very slow modified Ashtanga and lots of joint stretches. In the end of the class I gave cupping therapy. I hope she liked it :-)

Right after my class, I decided to stay for a Full-primary class taught by my teacher Gemma. It's been so long since I practiced with her. The room was full with 6 people. As usual the teacher stressed a lot on breathing and not so fast movement. Making urdhva mukha svanasana slowly was tricky but I tried. My body was warm and I felt so flexible. So doing asanas felt so easy. Bhujapidasana felt so easy, sending my feet back and forward without touching the ground! I could even make bakasana after titibasana but I couldn't shoot legs back as I was too close to the wall.... too bad! Gemma gave a lot of tips and I was very grateful for that. I took a very short savasana as my husband was coming to pick me up.

At Brussels Yoga Loft on 12/12/18(Wed) from 19:50 to 21:30

Teacher: Gemma


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