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Full Primary LED with Sharathji 18/04/20

In short, it was a really nice practice. Felt surprisingly comfortable practising like this. We were about 950 people from all over the world guided by Sharathji. For me the start timing was 2pm so it was okay but for some, it was late night practice. It felt so familiar and like being in Mysore hearing Sharathji's count and his jokes.. (haha). I was sweating a lot and body felt slightly lighter than usual. My mind and whole body wise, I felt uplifted and wanted this more. But my asana wise... it was not the best. I had real hard time in navasana and I failed for the first time in bujapidasana transition since I was able to do it smoothly. Oh well... it happens. Back bend was also bad and it brought me back to my Mysore days... hahahahahah. After the practice, we had a minute (or a bit more) of silence to commemorate those who sacrificed or died due to the Covid 19... and he talked about how it's important to cherish being at home and cope this challenge with yoga practice. He reminded us to accept physical limitations and changes in our asana practice as well. I liked how he talked about his own practice as an example. All in all, it was a nice practice and social (distanced) gathering.. :-) Om Namah Shivaya.


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