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Full primary led 15/2/19

I cancelled my teaching class again to attend Anne's LED primary. I already told my boss that I would be 20 min late at work. I took bus 64 and metro instead of bus 29 and it was much faster. So I arrived at the shala around 6:40. There was another lady who came early and we had a chat till we entered the room. I placed my mat on the right front corner. Anne asked me where I practiced before. I told my story briefly and we both agreed that now I am at the right place. I sat and took a very short meditation. The practice began. Anne gave us a lot of tips throughout the practice. One thing that is in mind now is 'to have body weight on the toes in uttanasana'. It was interesting to be aware of this, feeling like falling front and at the same time squeeze legs and engage bandhas not to fall. She also told us to make space between pubic bones and navel, and between navel and sternum in the beginning of vinyasa (where you have to lift your body up before jumping back). But this principle applies in almost every asana. In utthita trikonasana, Anne pushed my hip a bit to be aligned with my legs. I usually think a lot about chest and legs in this asana but now I know I have to be aware of my hips too. And if I remember correctly she told us not to lift our heels off the mat in dandasana. This one I have to ask her again. Today, I didn't feel light as yesterday but I felt better than I'd thought. I slept a bit late last night but maybe it was a really deep sleep :-) In supta kurmasana, Anne helped me hold my hands but I was just happy to grab my top (haha). At that moment I was thinking... has this become more difficult because I gained weight? My upper arms and legs are quite chubbier and heavier than before... so I wonder whether this makes supta kurmasana more difficult. I can see my supta konasana, ubhaya padangusthasana and urdhva mukha paschimottanasana have improved a lot. I can come up at one go! Though in urdhva mukha paschimottanasana, I find it difficult to come up with straight legs........ In urdhva dhanurasana, my body felt light and I thought I could stay longer if it was Mysore practice. In sirsasana, I stayed all the way with Anne's count (yay!). I even managed to do urdhva dandasana and stayed there also all the way (yoohoo!). Though my legs down was a bit faster. Utplitih was....................... very difficult! I was okay till count 6-7 and after I wanted to put my hips down......... the count 9 was very long. And the practiced ended with happy and grateful feelings.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 15/2/19(Fri) from 07:00 to 08:42 (I took a very short savasana)

Teacher: Anne


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