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Full primary led 1/3/19

It's the independence movement day today and we are commemorating the 100th year. So... our office was off. I already decided to go to Anne's LED class instead of teaching. I arrived around 6:50 but the class started a bit later than 7:00. It was my first time attending 'normal' LED class. It was nice overall. I would love to do it more often if I don't have my own class on Fridays. In parivrrata trikonasana, Anne gently pushed my arm out to make space in my side. It became a totally different asana!! In triang mukhaikapada paschimottanasana, Anne pushed my bent leg part (both) and it was nice. I learn something new today I should point my toes in upavistha konasana!!! argh I've been doing it for so long. In urdhva dhanurasana, I felt again very light and good. In sirsasana, I stayed till 15 breath and also 10 breath in urdhva dandasana. But when I had to have my legs up again I lost a bit of control. hehe. In utplitih, I felt so tired so stayed 'okay' till about 7th breath. I took enough time for savasana as I didn't rush but in the end I was late for my breakfast date with a friend... :-)

I loved the practice (as usual). <3

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 1/3/19(Fri) from 07:05 to 08:40

Teacher: Anne


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