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Studying Hinduism

I am actually enjoying this confinement. Okay. It was frustrating in the beginning as all my short-term plans had been cancelled but the longer this confinement is getting, the more I feel relaxed and finding more things to do. In asana wise, I've been focusing a lot on my back bend and forearm balance poses in which I got so much comfortable with. In non-asana wise I started looking for studies on yoga. I started looking for meanings of Vedic texts, especially the ones we chant with Lakshimishaji and followed and am following some lectures on Hinduism. I found a very nice free course on Hinduism (course name: Hinduism through its scriptures) offered by HarvardX. I found plenty reading materials and youtube videos through this course. And this course nicely encouraged me to look for more study materials. I've always wanted to take courses from OCHS (Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies) but this time I was taking so many free online materials so didn't take any course. Though I am following Dr. Nick Sutton's FB live lecture on every Tuesday evening. There are also free lectures on SOAS Centre of Yoga Studies. They have such quality lectures on interesting topics. Information out there on the internet is plenty and I am really appreciating this chance(corona confinement) to explore and learn. At the same time I am reading everyday not only on the topic of yoga but also on different topics + the ones I couldn't finish or gave up before. Coincidentally many books I've read this year are related to the UK. Interesting. Soon I will write another post on the books I've read and am reading.. :-)


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