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Mysore practice 23/1/2020

I felt very tired today. I woke up with my alarm which never happened. I always woke up before the alarm went off. I placed my mat next to the podium, facing it. I could feel my body was heavy. I just focused a lot on steady breathing. I was sweating a lot and the threads from the new cotton mat was annoying me. I had to wipe the sweat and threads quite a few times. Standing was good. I was afraid of unstable utthita hasta padangusthasana but it was actually okay. I kept thinking about my mula bandha. Seated was good but before marichyasana D, I had to go to the toilet. I could feel my belly was a bit full in C.... haha... Navasana was painful but I did it with mat folded. I think I was physically just tired... I didn't keep long breaths in navasana. Bujapidasana was good and kurmasana was deep. When I was about to transit to supta kurmasana, Alyson came. I asked her 'should I do alone' and she said 'yes. And surprisingly.... I did it alone!!!! My right foot was crossing behind the left one. Wow.. I didn't know I could do it like this in a quick manner. I rest my head down and closed my hands. She helped me catch deeper. I was almost with the wrist. Wow.... and she readjusted my head position. It was super. I felt so good. I wanted to thank her but she was gone! I will send her a message :-) After this, I could hear Sharathji calling us (who were near the podium) to the practice area. So I moved and continued garbha pindasana.. And..... wow today I touched both ears!!!!! What!!!!!!!! I wasn't really wrapping my ears but I was touching them!!!!!!!!!!! Another thanks to Alyson!!! I don't think this will be always the case but I was filled with joy just being able to touch today..... Rolling was okay and all the rolling ups were super good today. My pasasana was a bit weird on the second side so I did it twice. In urdhva dhanurasana, I felt okay. I felt I was breathing little bit shallow so I brought my attention again to the breath. On the third one, I couldn't come up. I felt weak around my mula bandha area... I mean ... I was thinking of it all the time and it didn't work!!!!! Michael helped me to lift. And I went directly to the drop back and come up.. OMG It was my first time not being able to come up at one go!!!! I think I tried to drop back like 3-4 times to be finally able to come up on my own. One good thing I noticed that I was not frustrated. I was thinking of what Lynne told me. I mean.. if I can't come up, I don't come up. I just take a very relaxing back bend practice. But on the 4th or 5th one I could come up and the rest 2 were also possible. OMG... I was both surprised and accepting. I didn't feel very good today, body feeling heavy and tired. So it was normal that my practice got affected. Anyways I was happy that I could lift today...... Michael came to help me catch but Sharathji stopped him and came to me. I smiled at him and we started. I just let everything go and thought of what Anne told me in the email. The image came for a very brief moment and the reality hit. I focused on breathing. Sharathji moved my hands a tiny bit up. And I was like.... let's breathe out when he is pulling my arm and keep deep breathing. Today was a bad catching though I was happy Sharathji helped me. I came up after 2-3 breaths and thanked him. My back didn't really hurt. How interesting. I did a bit 'unconscious' closing and stayed 50 and 20 in sirsasana and half bend. I felt tired so I stayed only 10 in utplitih. I didn't really stay for rest and sat for a very short while. My body was tired and my mind little bit too but I was generally happy. Happy to be able to practice, and happy to have a moon day off! Yay!!

At Sharath Yoga Centre on 23/1/20 (Thursday) 8:25 - 9:45

Teacher: Sharath Jois

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