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Mysore practice 4/12/19

I was already awake before the alarm. Actually I am always awake before. Today bus was a bit faster so I arrived at the shala around 6:46. There were already three people practicing. Lynne was there. I have this lower back pain for few days so I was afraid but actually it was okay. The pain in the back didn’t really disturb the practice. I did utthita hasta padangusthasana alone. My right standing leg was fine but the left one was very tricky. Oh well… Seated was good. Lynne gave me a good push in paschimattanasana. Navasana was not so good but I did my best. Bujapidasana felt light but the transition was so so. Lynne crossed my ankles on top of my neck and I was so grateful. It was quick and efficient. I enjoyed staying there and lifted by myself. Garbha pindasana rolling was gentler. Lynne gave me another good push in baddhakonasana B. I really like when teachers come and help me in this pose. All the rolling up was fine. I really focused on having the feet super pointy, (even the top of the feet was looking super good to my eyes) in urdhva mukha paschimattanasana. Setu bandhasa felt okay so I stayed short 5 breaths. Pashasana was done alone first and I waited for Anne. I did three times bhekasana today. Twice alone and the last with Anne’s help. I told her I was focusing on lengthening my tailbone down. Back bend was okay. When your body is warm… back bend always feels better than you’d thought. Though I failed to lift from the third one so Anne came and helped me. I did three rounds of drop back and come up. Today my feet were not so grounded. Half rolls and catching.. I walked my fingers vigorously. I couldn’t walk further due to the pain in the back. So I stopped at one point. I was staying there and breathing a bit longer than usual. I just can’t imagine doing this without back pain… Ha.. Sarvangasana and following felt good (as always) and I stayed 30 and about 15 breaths in sirsasana and half bend. Today my savasana was somehow not so comfortable so it was shorter than I thought. It was good to see Monica in the room. I thanked Anne and left the shala.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 4/12/19(Wed) from 06:50 to 08:20

Teacher: Anne, Lynne


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