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Mysore practice 27/6/19

Today I overslept like 10 min but was able to catch my normal bus. I was the first one to arrive at shala by 6:29. I talked a bit with Lynne and placed my mat on my usual spot. Today I took 1-2 min of breathing. My body felt a bit sore and heavy. I couldn't touch my legs with my head till the 4th surya namaskar A. My body was getting warm but very slow. I could feel tingling sensation around my back whenever I was in urdhva mukha svanasana. Maybe because I was putting too much attention to this pain, I completely forgot to do padangusthasana and padahastasana! WooooW! I've never omitted those two.. and it happened today. The thought of missing thoese two stayed till the end of the practice! Haha In parsvakonasana B, I felt uncomfortable around my lumbar/thoracic so I stayed only about 3 breaths each. My Osteopath told me to take 2 days or 1.5 day off the practice and I took enought time.. Still I feel a bit of pain and doing back bend is unimaginable. Anyhow, I think Dalia helped me with supta kurmasana. I just realised that this really needs a lot of strength to assist... and Anne and Nick have really firm and great hands. My transtion from titibasana, bakasana and jump back was weird but I did it anyways >_< My rolling up was good and the practice was getting better of course. Lynned pushed around my lower back in shalabasana and it felt great. I think I like back bending with belly on the floor! hehe So...I couldn't feel much back pain up until urdhva dhanurasana..... :-( I could immediately feel the pain in first back bend so I didn't walk my hands close to my head. Lynne helped me to do assisted 3 half roll and one drop back. When I have teacher's hands, I don't fear anything and I just feel safe. My back was okay. I stayed 30 breaths in sirsasana and 15 in half bend. I could stay longer in both but decided to come down so I don't loose energy here. I even did 12 breaths in utplitih! I was distracted in the beginning because of the back pain, soreness and stiffness in my body but towards the end I received or created so much energy through the practice. This was the practice where I could really feel it as 'yoga therapy'. I love my practice. I took 10 min savasana even without realising it! Another great practice thanks to my teacher!

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 27/6/19(Thu) from 06:35 to 08:10

Teacher: Lynne


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