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Mysore practice 24/7/19

I feel like a bad yoga teacher today because I cancelled my teaching class this morning to have my own practice. I was super tired yesterday and didn't go to my practice so I had to have it today. It was a good decision. I arrived very early and had to wait outside the shala. When I entered the shala I placed my mat on my usual spot: the far right on the first row. When I was about to finish the surya namaskar, Anne came in and also a pretty little dog :-) He disturbed my drishti quite a few times but it was fine. Today I felt a bit heavy irrespective of my good night sleep. And I sweated a lot, really a lot like I've never sweated like before.. I blamed the weather but it was okay. When I was in utthita hasta padangusthasana I wanted to do it well as I did it in the Copenhagen workshop but it was a bit more difficult (because of this little cute dog!! haha). So Anne came and helped me balance. All the standing sequence was okay and seated as well. In supta kurmasana Anne told me to grab my hands and I did it with no problem. It was so easy!! Oh... I felt the progress here. Up till now, I had to move my arms few times to get my grip right and firm but this time I did it at one go. And Anne helped me crossed my ankles. After the transition I asked Anne about people crossing their legs while balancing on their sit bones and come down again. She explained and my curiosity was solved. After upa vista konasana I directly went to supta padangusthasana. Luckily I realised it immediately and did the supta konasana... :-) All the rolling was fine. I felt a bit of pain in my setu bandhasana so I kept it a short 5-breath. Pashasana was done with heels off but Anne came and helped me. I felt good with her support. And the back bend... was okay but I didn't feel super like I did in Copenhagen. I dropped back alone with a bolster on my mat. Coming up was still tricky so Anne helped me. In sarvangasana Anne adjusted me and also in half bend after sirsasana. I stayed a long 30-breath in sirsasana and about 12 in half bend today. My utplitih was very sweet as I didn't need to endure (?!) Sharathji's long counts. haha. After taking a 7-min savasana I thanked Anne and talked briefly about the trip to Copenhagen. I also talked to Lynne which made me so happy. I just love my teachers. Then I noticed Monica was also there :-) Ahhhh I was so happy I went to the practice today. Another grateful morning thanks to my teachers.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 24/7/19(Thu) from 06:50 to 08:25

Teacher: Anne


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