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Mysore practice 23/8/19

I woke up slightly before the alarm, got ready and arrived at the shala before 6:30am. I placed my mat again on the second row, left side. My body was still feeling a bit sore. Today Sharmila adjusted my arms in surya namaskar B, virabhadrasana A. She made my arms straighter and fingers together. I put a lot of attention today to make my arms straight whenever I raised them. She also gave a gentle adjustment in trikonasana. I get hands-on on trikonasana from time to time. Today’s utthita hasta padangusthasana felt quite stable. Much more stable than two other days. Okay.. I am getting back. I became tired after purvottanasana. I don’t know why I get easily tired during seated. Is it because of all the vinyasas? Or my heavy belly? Hmm... anyways I tried to hold my wrists in all marichyasana. I could except C and D right side. Navasana was really bad.. Today was really bad. I couldn’t feel my bandhas. The pain in the sacrum/tail bone area was still there... Haaaa my painful navasana... :-( Bujapidasana was a bit hard today and I didn’t get hands on supta kurmasana today. Rolling up from ubbhaya padangusthasana was good – as it happened at one go but from urdhva mukha paschimottanasana was just okay. I did it at second attempt. Now I will focus a lot of having my legs straight when I roll up. Setu bandhasana was okay and my back bend was also okay. And..... from my back bend/urdhva dhanurasana it became clear that I was seeing my heels yesterday. Now I see my heels in back bend! Today’s drop back was good as I felt I was doing it much deeper than usual. But I did 5 dropbacks to have 3 stable come up. First one okay, second and third ones not okay, fourth and fifth ones okay. Now I can do drop back/come up.. it feels quite fun. After I dropped on my knees while trying to come up from second drop back, I laughed at myself with sound. Quickly I became worried if people were offended by my laugh. Sorry... I was just amused by myself;;; On the fourth try, I heard Sharmila saying ‘ground your feet and inhale when you come up’. So I put more attention on my breath and could come up with feet grounded. I smiled at her and went for the fifth one. After this I waited for her to help me do half roll. When I dropped she moved my hands closer to my heels... wow.......... surprisingly my lower back didn’t feel anything. It was okay. I was happy I could try this. After paschimottanasana I moved to the next room. I somehow felt heavy during closing sequence...... but stayed 30 breaths in sirsasana and 15 in half bend. My utplitih felt weak and I did 9 breaths! I couldn’t hold for 1 more!! I took a 7 min savasana. It was a great practice and also an interesting one because I felt I was actually enjoying dropback/comeup practice......!!!

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 23/8/19(Fri) from 06:25 to 08:15

Teacher: Sharmila Desai


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