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Mysore practice 16/12/18

I slept a lot yesterday so I felt refreshed this morning. Since today was my last Mysore practice of the year, I wanted to thank my teachers. So I prepared some gifts for them. Expressing gratitude with small gifts is quite common in Korea. I know that my mum constantly receives gifts like mountain veggies, fruits, cosmetics and etc. I've always wanted to give gifts to my other yoga teachers but never did that as it did not seem the custom here. I regret not doing it. So this time, I prepared and I am glad I did it (thanks to my hubbie <3)

I sat and breathe longer than usual. I was focusing on my bandhas. As my last meal was 4:30pm yesterday and I slept a lot, my body felt so light. Pushing on my hands in urdhva mukha svanasana was so easy till the end of the practice. In utthita hasta padangusthasana, Adriana helped me and said 'thank you' for the gift. I smiled and lost balance a bit. hehe In janu sirsasana I thought of the angle of bended leg and having the centre of the upper body on my straight leg. This is the time I reflect and benefit from attending the Mysore classes. Learn and apply. In marichyasana B, teacher(don't know whether it was Lynne or Adriana) helped me to squeeze my binding arm to the knee and go down. I usually go down but with teacher's help I really sucked my belly in and try to have flatten upper body. In navasana, all my attention was on my bandhas. More bended knees but straighter torso. This way I squeeze around my belly more and my sides are lengthened. Today, I made two times bakasana(though not so beautiful one) from titibasana(transitioning pose in bhujapidasana and supta kurmasana)!! WOW! This is coming finally...!!! Though I couldn't shoot my legs back yet. But I was super happy to be able to bring legs back without touching the ground!!!!!!!!!!! But, but, but I couldn't cross my ankles and hold my hands tight in supta kurmasana. I always did it with teacher's help but today was not possible. I just held my hands together and feet were next to my head. It was okay, I didn't feel defeated(?!). Today's drop back and come up was helped by Adriana. I really need to engage more of my legs. She told me to resist to go down by engaging my legs. That was a good tip and I just need to practice more. In sirsasana I felt light and I stayed in urdhva dandasana for 10 breaths. (yay!) Overall today's practice felt refreshing and 'light', not the practice itself but how my body felt. I was a bit sad because this was my last Mysore practice of the year. But with my treatment, I should not push too much. I will let my body (hopefully mind as well) relax for the next two weeks and I will keep even lighter (haha) practice during the holidays. I don't know how to say in nice words but I was again very grateful to my teachers.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 16/12/18(Sun) from 07:55 to 09:30

Teacher: Lynne, Anne


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