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Mysore practice 11/12/18

I went to bed early last night but it was still a bit difficult to wake up this morning. I got ready by 5:50am and took the bus 29 to the city centre. I arrived in the shala at 6:35. My nose was still blocked so I had to go out and blow my nose after one surya namaskar A. Today my body felt so much lighter than Sunday. Surya namaskar A and B went so fast. In utthita trikonasana, Lynne opened my shoulder and pushed my hips to the front – better alignment. In parsvottanasana, she told me to touch - touching the shin with my chin. I usually do it but today I was taking time to go all the way down. So when she said ‘touch’ I went down quickly to touch :-) She also helped me in utthita hasta padangusthasana. Today I felt less stable somehow… In marichyasana D, Lynne came to help but she saw that I could actually do it alone she pushed my hip to the ground and helped me open my chest more. I love her adjustment and encouragement. Before navasana I rolled my towel in a special shape so that my tailbone is in between two towel bumps. When I started Lynne came and told me to bend my knees more and pushed on my belly below the navel where mula and uddiyana bandhas are (and should be working). My back became more straight towards ceiling instead of leaning towards the ground. WOW. I felt so different. I used to focus more on my legs and chest area when I do navasana because with my tailbone/sacrum like this I thought I would never be able to feel the strong core… But like this, I could focus more on my bandhas and feel the strength! Her very strong and simple push changed my whole experience in this asana. I really love her corrections!! In supta kurmasana, Anne helped me to grab my hands together and have ankles behind my head. Today my titibasana was not so good. In garbha pindasana, I rolled in one place, not clockwise. I became more comfortable with rolling. (yay!) In baddha konasana B, Lynne again pushed my bandhas and helped me touch my toes with forehead. For a moment I thought maybe she read my mind. Because after the David Swenson’s workshop, I thought a lot about bandhas and how to really have them engaged throughout the practice and off the mat. In supta konasana, I came up at one go and in ubhaya padangusthasana as well. This time my legs were straighter than before. (yay!) Today’s drop back and come up was good but I didn’t feel the same achievement as Sunday. I really do need to practice this alone at home. Opening chest/heart first and half drop back! I felt light in sirsasana but couldn’t do urdhva dandasana... I took a short savasana today as I had to go to the clinic. When I was leaving the room, Lynne stressed one more time my bandhas. I don’t know whether it’s okay to say like this but she was so cute >_< In the changing room, Monica was there so we left together for work. It was a really nice practice. And I felt a lot of gratitude to the teachers, especially Lynne’s strong push on my bandhas.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 10/12/18(Tue) from 06:40 to 08:10

Teacher: Lynne, Anne


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