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Mysore practice 1/10/19

I came out of the bed around 5:45am and got ready. Wendy was coming to pick me up to go to practice together. We arrived at 6:30am which was a bit early. We waited in the car till around 6:45am. Got to the shala around 6:50am and started the practice directly. I felt more tired than yesterday so I kept my pace as slow as yesterday. I focus a lot on having the chest open and twisting from lower back in trikonasana and parsvakonasana. Also on pushing my feet/outer edges onto the mat.. :-) I got good hands on prasaritta padottanasana C and my turned hands again touched the ground. My shoulders are opening. But.. my bandhas are.. still.... away from home. I felt really nothing in utthita hasta padangusthasana. So sad. It just feels weird... When I do the right leg up, it is just impossible but with left leg... I feel I am still in a bit of control. Anyways.. Anne came and saved me. She also helped me to sit a bit lower in utkatasana. Seated was good but I got a bit tired and felt out of breath from time to time while doing vinyasas. Twisting was still hard in marichyasana C and D.. Bujaipidasana was okay. And as usual I loved supta kurmasana. I like the transition to titibasana from here.... I feel so empowered!! Everything else felt similar. My rolling up asanas were actually okay. I have to really learn to come up slowly. Setu bandhasana felt super strong... I wish I could see myself there. And I did bridge twice and the second one with a block between my knees. It was helping me to engage legs and glutes. I finished my back bending with one urdhva dhanurasana, also with a block in between. Today I forgot to do half rolls and paschimattanasana...;;; So bad..!!! I just realised in my halasana. Well..let’s not forget next time. And I stayed about 30 breathes in sirsasana and 12 in half bend. Today I felt super stable and strong and light in inversion. It was such a sweet and empowering feeling. And I did a okay utplitih and took a very short 4~5 min savasana. I was very thankful today to my teacher and also to Wendy.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 1/10/19(Tue) from 06:50 to 08:30

Teacher: Anne


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